WHO am i?


Cheers, I am Abay and I make things for fun. Gudang Garam and Coffee i can't live without. I love turning exciting ideas into beautiful things. Proudly owner of Codelatte. Sometimes helping people to fix their bugs. And .. i'm a lil' boy currently living in Indonesia.

Little Bit More About Me

I am good at creating problems, suggesting high level conspiracies, cursing, spell-casting and pretending to be a genius. I love watching people from a safe distance and sometime I would like to insult their intelligence. And i write some shit stuff in Codelatte Indonesia.

Me as an IT Enthusiast

As an beginner IT enthusiast, of course I try and do a lot of new things for me to learn. A little result of the crazy experiment I did was security of bugs on the site belonging to the Superman Is Dead band, working together to fix bugs on MAXEN Studio’s Content Management System, and finally i get rewarded after finding a critical bug on the RumahWeb’s site.